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Citizen satisfaction in the service delivery of city corporations in Bangladesh

Rifat Mahmud

Department of Public Administration, University of Barishal, Barishal, Bangladesh

Received: September 17, 2021; Revised: September 26, 2021; Accepted: October 03, 2021

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5703382

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Mahmud, R. (2021). Citizen satisfaction in the service delivery of city corporations in Bangladesh. Scholars Journal of Research in Social Science, 1(2), 1-13.

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Citizen satisfaction in service delivery is an essential indicator in the governance mechanism involving the level of confidence that citizens have towards the local government institutions. The present study aims to find out the level of citizens’ satisfaction with urban local government institutions, i.e., city corporations in Bangladesh. The study seeks to identify the factors that can explain the variations in citizens’ satisfaction level in urban local government institutions. The study adopted a quantitative approach based on the survey data, which involved the opinions of 2,160 respondents from all 12 city corporations in the country. The study found that, first, citizens’ level of satisfaction in city corporations is low. Second, the public responsiveness variable involving the speed and accuracy of city corporations in service delivery has the strongest overall effect on variations in citizens’ satisfaction. Third, the service quality variables, along with the prior experience determinants involving timeliness and promptness in giving services, act as a determining variable affecting satisfaction in city corporations. The contribution of this study lies in its pointing out some new directions to better explain the level of citizen satisfaction towards city corporations in Bangladesh.

Satisfaction, Local Government, City Corporations, Service Quality, Prior Experience, Responsiveness

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