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Call for papers

European College of Polytechnics welcomes submissions to the publication 'Scholars Journal of Research in Social Science (SJRSS)' for the current year (issue: March, June, September and December). SJRSS is an international peer-reviewed journal with an ISSN of 2733-3698.

Send manuscripts whenever you like. If you want to submit a manuscript for publication in a specific call, please do so at least two weeks before the issue of the month specified in the call. Alternatively, the paper will be forwarded automatically in the upcoming issue. Please send manuscript to


Target group

The journal publishes articles on a broad variety of subjects, including organizational theory, organizational culture, political economics, entrepreneurship, cross-cultural studies, cultural management, and social anthropology. Additionally, the journal accepts papers on a variety of other subjects, including business finance, human resources, and expatriate management.


Instructions for the authors

Kindly get the pre-designed template from:


Scholars Journal of Research in Social Science by European College of Polytechnics is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 International License.




Scholars Journal of Research in Social Science (SJRSS)

Patent: 16297232, ISSN: 2733-3698

Holding institute: European College of Polytechnics

Rakvere 14, Jõhvi, Estonia

Reg Code: 16291442

Activity License: 225325


Journal Website:

Institute Website:

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